About D.J. Grey Company

D. J. Grey Company, Inc. has been in business for nearly three decades. We are contract manufacturers of electromechanical assemblies. Located in Healdsburg, California, our operation occupies 4500 square feet of industrial space, allowing us to provide a range of services. While specializing in small and prototype orders, we also accommodate and apply our same level of quality to all large orders.

Our services range from simple cut and prep of discrete wires to connectorization of coaxial and large multi-conductor cables. We make wire assemblies, wire harnesses, flat or round ribbon cables and various types of kits from customer’s drawings, wire lists, or just a sample. We have extensive experience in wire wrapping. We do mechanical assemblies as well as electrical assemblies from small front or back panels to 3 foot square internal wiring panels. We also offer our customers hand loading and soldering of Printed Circuit Boards and utilize anti-static workstations.

To facilitate assembly, we use AMP and Molex automated crimp machines, as well as a wide variety of hand tools. We have four Eubanks wire cutting machines which process discrete wires and multiconductor cables.

Custom Assemblies and Capabilities

    • Round Cables
    • Ribbon Cables
    • Wire Harness
    • Custom Kitting
    • Wiring Panels
    • Box Builds
    • Complete Chassis
    • Kanban, JIT
    • AMPMODU Micro
    • Robotic Rated
    • PC Boards
    • Wire Wrapping