Custom Round & Ribbon Cable Assemblies

Our goal is to produce the highest quality Cable Assemblies and to provide the best service possible. From simple point-to-point assemblies to complex multi-termination type assemblies, D.J. Grey has the experience necessary to satisfy all of your custom cable prototyping and manufacturing requirements.

In addition to Custom Cable Assemblies, D.J. Grey proudly offers Industry Standard Cable Assemblies. From industry mainstays such as USB and SCSI to the newest emerging standards, D.J. Grey can be your single source. Contact us to discuss your Cable Assembly requirements.

Analog and Digital cable assemblies
Audio and Video cable assemblies
Black Box applications
Coaxial cable assemblies
Coil cord assemblies
Custom cable assemblies
DIN and Mini DIN connector assemblies
Fan wiring assemblies
Ferrite bead cable assemblies
Contract Kitting and Testing
Electronic assemblies and sub-assemblies
Electro-Mechanical assemblies
Aerospace & Transportation wire harnesses
Military defense wire harnesses and cables

Micro-miniature connector assemblies
Medical wiring assemblies
Molded cable assemblies
Power Distribution cabling
Ribbon cable assemblies
Robotic cable assemblies
USB cable assemblies
Industrial equipment wiring assemblies
Power Cord assemblies
Firewire Cables
Network and Communication cables

Custom Assemblies and Capabilities

    • Round Cables
    • Ribbon Cables
    • Wire Harness
    • Custom Kitting
    • Wiring Panels
    • Box Builds
    • Complete Chassis
    • Kanban, JIT
    • AMPMODU Micro
    • Robotic Rated
    • PC Boards
    • Wire Wrapping