Box Build / Electronic Assembly

D.J. Grey will utilize our three decades of experience to supply fully assembled and tested products. Whether the simple enclosure of a PCB assembly within two plastic moldings or the fabrication of a complex metal card frame, we have the people, the skills, the equipment and most important - the experience - to deliver for you.

The construction and assembly of electrical or electronic controls associated with mechanical parts demands a careful approach by your contract manufacturer and a dedicated team to get the job done on time, on budget. Our production team has both mechanical assembly skill-sets and competence with electronic assembly and wiring.

D.J. Grey is an attractively priced low cost alternative supplier for wiring assemblies, installing PCB’s and completing the assembly into machined metal parts, plastic moldings and cable assemblies. We can handle low volume, quick-turn prototypes and then help you take them through production quantities.

We also produce wiring harnesses for civil and military aircraft, and we do Wire Wrap which is an excellent option for R&D and prototypes because of its superior electrical performance to solder in certain instances.

From your drawings or by reverse-engineering a legacy product - we help your design and production teams understand how they can use wide range of sub-assemblies including PCB’s with brackets and fittings, chassis containing PCB’s, backplane and PSU, to precision machined metal parts containing sophisticated state-of-the-art electronics. Subsequent full system integration times and costs are reduced by sourcing pre-tested sub-assemblies and at Ultra there is a wealth of experience and investment aimed at satisfying that requirement.

Custom Assemblies and Capabilities

    • Round Cables
    • Ribbon Cables
    • Wire Harness
    • Custom Kitting
    • Wiring Panels
    • Box Builds
    • Complete Chassis
    • Kanban, JIT
    • AMPMODU Micro
    • Robotic Rated
    • PC Boards
    • Wire Wrapping